Airpower13 #2

Še nekaj utrinkov iz Zeltwega... Lp,b Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, F-16 AM Fighting Falcon, NL BorinaMisica2Zeltweg2 BorinaMisica2Zeltweg3 BorinaMisica2Zeltweg4 Chance Vought F4u-4 Corsair BorinaMisica2Zeltweg Eurofighter Typhoon, Austrian Armed Forces BorinaMisica2Zeltweg5 Lockheed Martin C-130 "Hercules" BorinaMisica2Zeltweg6 Frecce Tricolori - Aermacchi MB-339 PAN BorinaMisica2Zeltweg7 BorinaMisica2Zeltweg8 BorinaMisica2Zeltweg9 Aermacchi MB-326 BorinaMisica2Zeltweg10 Turkish Stars - Northrop F-5 BorinaMisica2Zeltweg11 BorinaMisica2Zeltweg12 Blanix Team - Let L 13 Blanik BorinaMisica2Zeltweg13
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